Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ashley Madison Offers Tiger Woods $5 Million To Endorse The Extramarital Affairs Dating Site

Ashley Madison is no stranger to controversy, and it seems they've probably hit a home run with their latest PR move.  Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past week, you're quite familiar with Tiger Woods' latest predicament.  Three women have already come forward claiming they're having or had an affair with Tiger.  Who knows how many more are still to come?  It appears Tiger has been a Sugar Daddy for a long, long time to many, many women.

In steps Ashley Madison today.  They've offered Tiger $5 million to endorse their site.  Here's some details from

An infamous adultery website wants Tiger Woods to know that cheating isn't all bad - it can earn the golf legend a massive pay day!

TMZ has obtained a contract sent to Woods offering him $5 million for "advertisement, endorsement, sale and promotion" of their site.

The web site made headlines earlier this year when one of its salacious ads was banned from the Super Bowl.

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For Ashley Madison, this is a brilliant PR move because we all know Tiger's not going to endorse the site.  For that matter, he probably won't even comment on it at all.  But, the press created by the story is priceless for Ashley Madison.

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