Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Petite Single Ladies - Unique Dating Site of the Week

Beginning today, I am going to feature a different "unique" dating site each Tuesday. Today's site targets petite women and the men or women who are attracted to them.

I'm sure you're all familiar with BBW dating sites. Well, I feel Petite Ladies sites might give BBW dating sites a run for their money since there are millions of women in the world who are considered petite.

If you're one of them, or if you're a man or woman who admires petite women, you might want to give Petite Single Ladies on the Net a visit. They have a free membership that allows you to search and look at profiles, which allows you to "test" out the site before joining. For this site's purposes, a petite woman does not necessarily mean short, it means slim and lean. And, guys, there are some incredibly hot women on this site!

So, give the site a visit, and look for our next "Unique" dating site next Tuesday. Good luck and happy dating.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

"They're peddling death" - An Article From The Advocate Magazine

This is an article that ran in The Advocate Magazine back in August of 2006. It's a pretty disturbing look at how some gay men are truly putting themselves and their partners at serious risk of HIV and other diseases. Here's an excerpt from the beginning of the article:

It's a warm Saturday night in July and about two dozen men clad only in boxers and T-shirts are in various stages of sex as "thug-style" hip-hop music plays in a ground-floor apartment in New York City. It's hard to make out anyone's features in the pitch-black darkness, and no one is talking.

A young man with a do-rag tightly wrapped around the top of his head enters the room. He pushes another young man over on a makeshift bed and penetrates him -- without a condom -- for a good 10 minutes. When the guy is finished, he pulls up his boxers and slinks away into another room, disappearing as quickly as he arrived. Neither he nor his partner looks older than 20.

The article goes on to talk about how some gay dating sites are promoting these types of events and activities. It's pretty interesting reading, and you can read the entire article on this page on Gay.com.

If you're a gay man who's looking for a gay dating site that's not just a meat market, but rather a safe site where you can find other gay men who are looking for relationships, you might want to try the Gay Dating Network. The site has been online since March of 2003, so they've obviously been doing something right.

Good luck and be careful out there...

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

One More Reason To Try Speed Dating... You Might Meet Mariah Carey

According to this article from HollywoodRag.com, singer Mariah Carey is a fan of speed dating. According to Carey, "I really like the idea of speed dating. I like the idea of 15 mini-relationships each lasting three minutes and then you go home alone."

Well guys, you might not hook up with her on the first date, but at least you can say you had a "mini-date" with her.

If you've never tried speed dating, you should give it a try. Cupid.com is our favorite dating site that offers speed dating events across the country. You can check out where the next event will be held on this page on their website.

Good luck, and if you happen to get lucky enough to have a mini-date with Ms. Carey, drop back by here and let us know how it went. Thanks!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

How To Kiss A Woman Perfectly Every Time

I came across an article online today called How To Kiss A Woman by Lynn Snowden. I enjoyed reading it, and came out with a few new ideas. Here are some of the humorous parts of the article:

  • Don't kiss like Tom Cruise in Top Gun - ...his tongue is already slithering out before he's met her lips. This is also referred to as the Lizard-King Style, and once lip-locked, it may also feature the rather grotesque tongue-insterted-rapidly-in-and-out. Most women do not cherish the idea of kissing a large anaconda, which is what this must be similar to.
  • Nor like Woody Allen - ...neither do we want its exact opposite, as favored by Woody Allen, one of the screen's all-time-worst kissers. Check out the last scene in Hannah and Her Sisters, and you'll see him pecking away at Dianne Wiest. This Road-runner-eats-birdseed style of dry, repeated kisses accompanied by inordinately loud smacky sounds is not what any woman fantasizes about--even if she's weird enough to fantasize about kissing Woody Allen.
  • Finally, do take some pointers from Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Day-Lewis belongs in the kissing hall of fame for Best Use of Hands. He gently caresses his costar's face and touches her hair, a model of how hands can increase the erotic pleasure of the moment.
To read the complete article for more tips on how to kiss a woman perfectly, go to this page on Bossanova.com.

Good luck!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Online Dating Do's And Don'ts From MSNBC.com

TheTodayShow.com has an interesting article written by Dr. Laura Berman in which she dishes out some do's and don'ts when dating online:


  • Be honest. Post clear and recent photographs of yourself, no matter how much you are tempted to post a younger, thinner version.
  • Be safe. Never post personal information like your home address or work address.
  • Be open. Online daters can sometimes be harsh when reviewing other daters’ profiles.
  • Tell your friends: Online dating has a certain stigma that makes some people afraid to admit to their cyber search for love.
  • Be realistic: You might not find someone you want to date on your first, second or even third try.
  • Expect Brad Pitt: No matter what their photograph looks like online, be prepared for someone a little different when you meet in person.
  • Use your profile to rant: Even if you are feeling a little bitter about dating and love, don’t let it show on your profile.
  • Take chances: No matter how much you think you know someone from online chats, you need to take precautions when meeting them in person.
  • Forget about your non-cyber self: Online dating is a great resource, but you shouldn’t abandon your life in favor of the Internet.
And, her biggest tip of all... Never Give Up! It'll happen. Just give it time.

For more details about the do's and don'ts listed above, log onto this page on MSNBC.com. Now that you know what to do, you need to find the right site to join. Our sister site can help. Visit Alternative-Dating-Sites.com for stories and reviews about the best dating sites on the internet today.

Good luck and happy dating!

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Is it Wrong to Still Be Jealous About My Girlfriend's Past?

AskDanandJennifer.com is billed as "The Best & Most Popular Dating, Relationship, and Sex Advice Column on the Internet Today..." I'll give them credit. They have a very interesting site and their video question/answer sessions like today's are straight-forward and to the point, which is rather refreshing in today's world.

Today's question - "Is it Wrong to Still Be Jealous About My Girlfriend's Past?"

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Find A New Lover In 2008

Are you unhappy in your current relationship? Maybe you should make 2008 the year you find a new lover and/or a new soulmate. There are a number of sites that can help you find a new lover. One of the sites is featured to the left. It's appropriately titled FindANewLover.com. It's a site for singles looking to add some spice to their life. I warn you now, it's not your mother's dating site.

It's a spicy site loaded with sexy singles who aren't afraid to let it all hang out... literally, so if nudity or adult content offends you or you are under 18, don't bother visiting. But, if you truly want to find someone to spend some quality alone time with, I think this site just might fit the bill. And, if you're looking for a specific type of lover, they've got separate niche sites set up for BBW's (Big Beautiful Women), Black Singles, Mature Singles, Asian Singles, Gay Singles and many more.

Give one of the sites a visit, and make 2008 the year you find your new lover!

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