Sunday, April 22, 2007

First Dates: Australian Singles Keep It Simple

From the Fairfield City Champion -- "When it comes to first date ideas, singles like to play it fairly safe. A recent poll conducted by Australia's largest online dating site, RSVP, ruled dinner and a movie as the most popular first date idea. Coffee and cake at the local cafe and a picnic in the park also proved popular first date choices."

Here are the results from their poll of favorite first date ideas:

1. Dinner and a movie
2. Coffee and cake at a local cafe
3. Picnic in the park
4. Candlelit dinner al fresco or meet up and see what you fancy doing
6. Twilight cinema
7. Dinner cruise
8. Watching a band at the local pub
9. An ice-cream and walk in the park
10. Pub lunch and a game of pool or going to a theatre/art exhibition

My personal favorite: Dinner and a movie.

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Good luck, and I hope all your first dates are great!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 Poll Reveals Kinkiest, Loneliest, Most Religious States in America

From Business Wire -- ", America’s largest free online dating site, analyzed over 700,000 users’ answers to over 200,000,000 questions to determine how states ranked in dating categories including kinkiness, loneliness, independence and religious piety. The rankings, available today, offer a peek at the dating “personality” of each state.

The poll found that the loneliest women live in Minnesota while the loneliest men live in Kentucky, unfortunately more than 900 miles away from one another. Interestingly, Massachusetts is home to the most independent men and women, making it a miracle any marriages happen in The Bay State. New Hampshire, whose state motto is “Live Free or Die,” did not break the top 10 in the independence category."

To read the complete article, please go to this page on Business Wire.

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