Friday, February 09, 2007

Online Dating a Modern Hit

From PerthNow -- "Online dating is mechanical and efficient, reflecting modern society, according to relationships expert Lija Jarvis. But not in a bad way, Ms Jarvis, a representative of online dating website, said.

"Trawling through a bar or relying on meeting through friends, it’s not working for people so they’re turning to quite an efficient, technological-driven way of dating."
"They’re making compensations because they’re busy and having to turn to efficient means of meeting."

As online dating nears its 10th anniversary, Ms Jarvis said it allowed participants to have pre-prepared talking points on their first dates.

This eliminated much of the uncertainty of dating – including awkward silences.

"The benefit of online dating is you can be really picky," Ms Jarvis said.

"It is about efficiency but that’s a benefit: Things like, do they smoke or not, do they have pets or not, do they have kids or not."

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Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Thursday, February 01, 2007 Launches Bowling Site for Singles has launched a new niche site specifically for Bowling Enthusiasts. Similar to, which was mentioned a couple of days ago, sites like this that bring together singles around a common theme or interest are definitely the wave of the future for online dating in my opinion. One size fits all sites are nice, but it can take hours sometimes just to find a person who has similar interests to you. With this site, if you like bowling and want to meet someone else who does as well, this site is for you.

It's even a great site to find a bowling partner as well as a life partner. Either way, if you're into bowling, you should check the site out.

Good luck and happy bowling to you all!

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