Sunday, July 09, 2006

WebDate - My Pick For The Top Video Chat Dating Site On The Internet

I've reviewed a lot of online dating sites as referenced by the hundreds of sites I've reviewed on But, WebDate is definitely a site I think you should check out. Why?

Because the site offers some fantastic features at a very attractive price. For starters, they offer a 7-day trial for only $9.95. It is well worth the money to give the site a try. Here is what you get for your 7-day trial:

* Video Chat - This isn't a fuzzy video chat screen. The quality is excellent, and if you are serious about finding the love of your life, seeing is definitely believing. Stop wasting time with sites that only show pictures. See the person in real time and live. Video chat is definitely the wave of the future for online dating, and fortuntately for you, Webdate is already living in the future.

* Mobile Webdate - Take the site with you on your mobile phone. This way, you'll never miss a potential date even if you're away from your computer.

* Rate Pictures - Why is this cool? We all love to look at pictures, and it's always fun to rate other people. And, be bold. Upload your pics and let others rate you!

* Price: Only $9.95 for a trial. Most other sites make you join for either one month or three months minimum. At Webdate, you spend less than $10 for a trial, and if you like it, you continue. If you don't, your only out $10, and you can move on.

Give it a try. I am confident you'll be very pleased you did. You can start chatting today, by visiting

Good luck and Enjoy!

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