Thursday, March 30, 2006

Online Dating - Just Be Different

From -- "Introductions on online dating sites are like meeting in a bar. Don't be one of the crowd, try to be original. Make sure your first line doesn't sound like every other guy."

The most popular pick up line on Internet dating sites is "Hi, I'd love to meet you. Shai."

Oops, my mistake. Sometimes the note is signed by Moti, Boris, Ro'i or Shachar.

Why do guys write these kinds of introductions? Turns out they write them because they don’t want to appear to be "trying too hard" or "over excited."

What a load of crap! You've written to her? Then she's probably figured out somehow that you're interested in her. The only question left to ask is why not to approach her like that, and what, exactly, is the right approach."

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Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Facebook's on the Block

Facebook isn't exactly a dating site, but it is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet today. It is extremely popular among college students. Can you believe that a website like Facebook is asking as much as $2 billion???

Check out this article from

"Facebook, the Web site where students around the world socialize and swap information, has put itself on the block, BusinessWeek Online has learned. The owners of the privately held company have turned down a $750 million offer and hope to fetch as much as $2 billion in a sale, senior industry executives familiar with the matter say."

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What's even more amazing is the site is only two years old.... Looks like the glory days of the internet are back!

Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Online Friendship and Dating

From -- "For a lonely senior, online friends and online dating could be just what you need. It sounds like a dream come true - people available to talk to twenty-four hours a day, and as close as your computer.

However, just like any new situation, there are dangers involved. First, it's important to find a reputable source, and I have listed a few at the end of this article. Even then, caution is advised."

The author goes on to list a set of tips for seniors online. Click here to read about her tips.

Some of the senior sites we recommend are:, and

Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Separated Man Sues eHarmony for not letting him join the site until his divorce is final

From Yahoo! News -- "US matchmaker eHarmony has been sued for refusing to let a man use the online dating service until his divorce is final, the attorney behind the suit said. John Claassen, 36, charged that the policy violated anti-discrimination laws and should let users chose whom they want to meet.

"A lot of people in my situation would like access to public forums to get over something that hasn't been a high point in their lives," Claassen told AFP.

"We are hard-working professionals and online is an incredibly efficient forum for dating," he continued. "To be denied access for this doesn't seem right."

To read the rest of this story, please go to Yahoo! News.

This is a tough one, but I have to agree with eHarmony only because of it's excellent reputation. Most other sites wouldn't care one way or the other, but eHarmony is different.

We shall see what happens in court though. Stay tuned....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Online Dating to Hit Your Text Life

From -- "Getting a date on a slow Friday night may be about to change. If you're sitting in your favourite bar whingeing about being single, you could pull out your mobile phone and fire off a text message to your internet dating website. A few minutes later it could send you five pictures of potential dates - all within a 10-minute walk.

This may be the future of online dating. The industry is keen to exploit the marriage between mobile phones and the net. It hopes it will generate extra revenue."

To read this complete article, please go to has had text messaging as part of it's offerings since 2003 and has over 120,000 subscribers. It will be interesting to watch this trend develop.

Until tomorrow, good luck and happy dating to you all!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Frum’ here to eternity: Orthodox online dating service is thriving

From the Cleveland Jewish News -- "When it comes to marriages, Clevelander Renee Gross is hoping that the second time around will be the charm. Her upcoming June nuptials to Baltimore resident Allan Auerbach can be directly linked to Frumster, an online dating-for-marriage service that strictly adheres to religious (read: Orthodox) standards.

Developed as a reaction to the success of other Jewish dating services such as JDate, Frumster’s express intention is to give men and women an opportunity to safely search for a Jewish mate."

"Allan Auerbach, a divorced father of four looking to remarry, turned to Frumster instead of the usual Internet dating services. His printing business headquartered in Baltimore takes him to New York frequently. There he was exposed to many of the shadchans (matchmakers) whose livelihoods depend on their abilities to successfully match men and women looking for marriage.

A competing Orthodox site, Saw, is composed mostly of shadchans who match prospective brides to prospective bridegrooms. "I’m not really big on that because they don’t know me or or know her," Auerbach explains. "They claim they do, but it’s just a guy and a girl thrown together."

For more, go to

Another great Jewish dating site is the Jewish Dating Network located at

Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Perils of Online Dating Prompt Safety Efforts

From -- "John Christopher Gaumer, who confessed to the murder and led Baltimore County police to Brown's body on February 7, listed his height and other attributes in his quest for dates on, a free Internet social site owned by News Corp. where mostly young people connect for friendship and romance.

Some personal profiles on the Web site are frighteningly revealing. People publish their birth dates, schools they attend, even clubs they will frequent on a given Saturday night, complete with a cell phone number for whomever might care to join them."

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Good luck and be careful. Online dating is a wonderful way to meet new people, but use common sense and do your homework. If you want to join a site that is serious about safety, join It is one of the only dating sites that performs a background check on all new members.

Until tomorrow, stay safe and happy dating to you all!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

True Love Does Exist

From The Daily Record -- "FORGET love at first sight - scientists have discovered true love only begins after 12 months.

Research has revealed real love blossoms with time, especially for men.

A six-month study of couples who met through dating agencies found those who experienced true love had been together the longest.

True love, what the scientists call consummate love, is a perfect balance of passion, intimacy and commitment.

Of the 147 couples who took part in the study, 61 per cent described their feelings as this perfect kind of love.

And of these, almost all had been in their relationship for a year or more."

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Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Have You Seen the New WebDate?

WebDate is banking it's success on video-based online dating. Check out their homepage at You can view a lot of their commercials online. Most of the commercials are very clever. I especially like the one with the dwarf and the strong man. It's a great video that really gets the WebDate message across.

Enjoy and happy dating to you all!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Love in a Cold Climate

From -- "Tired of indoor speed-dating, singles are seeking out mates on country walks. They have come looking for love in woolly hats and clumpy boots - the keen, the hopeless and the sexy. Arriving by ferry, they swamp the pub in the Isle of Wight village of Wroxall in a fug of testosterone, before forming up outside in a crocodile and setting off for the countryside."

"Welcome to the speed-dating walk, an imaginative new form of exercise. In some ways, it's surprising that no one has done it before. From William Wordsworth to Thomas Hardy, human emotions and the open air have gone hand in hand. Here on the Isle of Wight, they've stripped away the poetry to take a more earthy view of the countryside."

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Well, they may not find true love, but at least they'll work off some of the beer calories on the walk...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Woman Recounts Dating Adventures Online

From -- "Online dating -- once thought to be a fad -- is emerging as the most popular way for singles to meet in the United States. Not only are they forming relationships online, some are also talking about their experiences in cyberspace for the whole world to read. It's a new kind of literature called the dating blog or online Web log.

Melanie Boyer, 29, writes for the online dating site known as Matches. She writes - sometimes in graphic language -- about her adventures meeting men online."

"Melanie Boyer's dating blogs are a lot of things: sad, funny, sexy real-life stories. If or when she gets married, Boyer says the days of her sharing her love life online will be over, not just because she won't be dating anymore. As she puts it, she'll want to keep the man she loves for herself."

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's Not Just Your Kid's Internet: Online Dating Appeals to More Mature Folks, Too

From -- "Susan Gladstone's moment came when she turned 50. Divorced, with two children, she was getting tired of asking friends to fix her up and being told they just couldn't think of anyone. And so, she turned to online dating."

"Gladstone is part of a growing trend: people in their 50s and beyond searching the Internet for romance, companionship, sometimes marriage. As in any age group, there are ups and downs. There's the old stale-photo trick (it's him, but 20 years and 30 pounds ago), or the date who asks right away how much money you have, or the ones who say how fabulous you are and then disappear. Still, many older online daters say that even if they haven't found true love -- yet -- it's been worthwhile."

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Some of our favorite online dating sites for seniors are and

Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Survey Finds Users Like Online Dating

From -- "More than a decade after the Internet became a dating mecca, a new study finds those who have looked for relationships online have more faith in cyberspace than those who never have.

An estimated 16 million Americans have used a dating site or other site to meet people, the Pew Research Center reports; 45 percent of these have never been married. Pew found 79 percent say online dating is a "good way to meet people," and 52 percent say the experience was mostly positive. But 29 percent say it was mostly negative.

Among all Internet users -- about 145 million single people, married people or those in relationships -- opinions appear evenly split: 44 percent agree Internet dating is a "good way to meet people," and 44 percent disagree."

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Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Why Online Dating Has Become The Opium Of The Masses

From -- Why has online dating become so addictive? This article from Jonathan White offers ten reasons why. Below are the ten reasons:

  1. No more smoky bars and clubs - In my opinion, this is one of the best reasons for online dating. You could go years visiting clubs and never find the right person for you.
  2. You don't have to be a techie - Online dating sites are very simple to use.
  3. There's a site that's just right for you - Niche dating sites are all the craze this day and age. A huge selection of niche sites can be found at
  4. A choice of thousands - Most sites such as Yahoo! Personals, eHarmony and have hundreds of thousands of members to choose from.
  5. Find just your type - Most sites let you narrow your search down to exactly the type of person you want to meet.
  6. Instant gratification - You can instantly see your matches.
  7. You control the pace - You don't have to do anything until you are ready.
  8. There's always someone else - Unlike the real world, if you don't like the first choice, there's always another.
  9. Widen your social network - Even if you don't find your soulmate, you're sure to find some new friends.
  10. It's great fun - Online dating in my opinion is one of the greatest inventions ever, and it's great fun!
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Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Looking for Singles from the United States?

While there are plenty of websites that cater to singles from the United States such as, our parent site, has compiled a list of dating sites separated by states. Within each state, you'll find sites specifically for singles living in that state who are interested in a particular niche such as BBW, Military or African American.

It's a great page to bookmark because new sites are added on a regular basis.

Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Read the Blogs on to Find Out What They are Looking for

Have you ever read any of the blogs on As of my last visit, there were over 5,320 blogs on the site. These blogs are written by actual single members of the site. Why should you read them? What better way to find out what a person is actually like than reading their own personal blog.

Just dive in and start searching through the pictures of singles with blogs. When you find someone that interests you, bookmark their blog and start reading. It's amazing what information you can pick up about the person from their own blog. This way, when you contact them, you already know more about them than they know about you. You have an edge over someone else who is writing them that isn't reading their blog. It also makes for really good reading because some of the blogs are hilarious.

Until next time, I wish you good luck and happy dating!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Trek Fans Can Date Online

You've heard me say it before, but I'll say it again. There is a dating site for everyone out there, and this article from confirms it.

"Online dating is going where no one has gone before: to fans of Star Trek and other SF through the Web site, according to a report on

The site calls itself "a free personals site for science fiction lovers, including but not limited to Star Trek. Find others who share your passion for sci-fi. Meet people who read Asimov, Bova, Heinlein, Adams, Clarke and more."

Not exactly my cup of tea, but hey, trekkies need love to, right?

Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Celebrities Dabble in Online Dating

From -- "Social networking and online dating Web sites have become popular for letting everyday people create celebrity-like identities for themselves.

But celebrities are using the very same sites to shun their Hollywood identities in favor of meeting everyday people.

Stars like Joan Rivers and Halle Berry have confessed to checking out online dating sites — and Rivers even posted an ad on

"I love smart men, funny men, elegant men," Rivers' profile reads. "If I had to choose between Brad Pitt stripped to the waist or an old George Clooney in a dinner jacket, George would win hands down." Rivers admitted to Howard Stern last month that she placed the ad." To continue reading the article, go to

This is good news for all of us. With celebrities jumping on the online dating bandwagon, the added publicity will only help bring more singles to the table who might not have considered joining an online dating site until now.

We shall see. Who knows, your next date might be with a celebrity you meet online.

Good luck and happy dating to all!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Online Dating Ad Has Undesirable Match: Rape, Murder

Now this is just bad luck on top of a horrible story. The New York Post ran a story online about a graduate student who was sexually assaulted and murdered. Unfortunately, next to the article online was an ad for, which bills itself as one of the safer online dating sites on the internet today.

It was horrible timing for the ad. Here is an excerpt from an article about the incident on

"The ad, placed by aQuantive's DrivePM, promoted in an especially bizarre coincidence, the creative, which carried the tagline "Get Soaked By Love," featured a young dark-haired woman who physically resembled St. Guillen, staring suggestively at the camera., which bills itself as an especially safe dating service because it screens all members for a criminal history, said it would not have approved of having an ad accompany this particular story."

To read the entire story, go to

Good luck and be safe!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Invite the Gang for a Night of Online Dating

While reading the USA Today newspaper today, I was pleased to see an article on the front page of the Tech section about a new dating site concept involving groups rather than individuals. I wasn't familiar with any of the sites mentioned, so I'm pretty sure you may not have heard of them as well since I spend much more time than the average Joe researching online dating sites. Here are some excerpts from the article:

"Take social networking communities such as Friendster and MySpace. Merge them with traditional online love connectors like Match and eharmony. The result? TeamDating and eTwine in the USA and Compa in the UK. Users can sign up in groups of two or more and correspond with other duos, trios or quartets. The goal is to take the two cyber-squads offline, to the promise of mingling -— and mating -— opportunities."

"You do everything else with your friends," says Ray Doustdar, president of Los Angeles-based TeamDating. "Why not online date with your friends?"

Since launching last August, the site (free for now) has grown to just over 5,000 members on about 2,000 teams mostly in New York and Los Angeles but also in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Lubbock, Texas. About 65% of members are ages 25-35, and almost 70% are women."

To read the entire article, go to

If you or any one you know is a member of any of the sites mentioned above, let us know how it's going.

Until tomorrow, good luck and happy dating!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Online Dating - Worth the Price of Subscription

I found an article today that really made me think twice before endorsing free sites like or The article is from In the article, the author talks about how traditional matchmakers sometimes charge $5000 or more to set up people with compatible singles. This was the norm until online dating sites came along and started competing with each other, and before long, the monthly subscription price was driven down universally across the board.

However, here is an excerpt from the article that explains why online dating sites need to hold firm on their rates if not even go up on them:

"Some people argue that charging people $50 a month is too much. I say it's not enough. Yahoo! raised their Premium service cost to around $35. Not nearly high enough to justify the word "Premium."

eHarmony got it right, $50 monthly wager that it will marry me off faster than several months at $25 with the "commoners", sniff. People use price as a filter. That's why matchmakers charge $5,000.

At Chemistry and Eharmony, the value is not only the enhanced matching algorithm, you're paying more so you don't have to spend hours each week looking at profiles. Paying more to do less.

Funny how on Myspace it's the exact opposite. All people do is look at other people's profiles. Last week I looked at a friend's profile, and 30 minutes later I counted I had looked at 100 additional profiles.

Last night I saw a TV show that said 40,000 women are abducted into prostitution each year. Myspace is a prime hunting ground for this sort of thing. That's not going to happen on Chemistry or Eharmony."

This last paragraph is very telling. The bottom line is this....

If you are serious about finding someone to marry. You have to be a member of a site like eHarmony because they are serious about finding someone for you to marry as well. It is not a profile farm.

But, don't get me wrong. Sites that are targeted to niche categories also serve a great purpose. And, as long as they keep their rates constant, they'll keep out the riff-raff as well. The old adage runs very true here... You get what you pay for!

Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Monday, March 06, 2006

You Can't Buy Friends Like These

From the Boston Globe -- "Catch27 was created last year by E. Jean Carroll, an Elle advice columnist and former "Saturday Night Live" writer. Carroll, who specializes in riffing off established social norms -- her last successful site was, where women can recommend ex-lovers -- was interested in spoofing the idea that social networking had become something like a professional sport.

I was watching all these kids on MySpace, spending all their time saying, Add me. Add me, Carroll says, referring to the requirement that one user must request friendship from another user in order for the two to interact. And I thought: Why not buy people? So you understand? The whole thing started as a joke."

"Carroll launched Catch with a simple premise: Members would join, upload a profile and a photo (which together form a ''card"), and site staff would assign the newbie a monetary quantity -- anywhere from a few pennies to a few dollars -- based on their overall attractiveness. Members who wanted to be friends with other members would either have to beg or trade their way to the top, or they'd have to pay for the pleasure, over a secure connection, with a credit card (all profits, of course, would funnel to Carroll)."

What started out as a joke has now become big business. There are now thousands of members on the site wanting to be priced. It's almost a "no pun intended" catch phrase now to say, "I'm valued at "x" on Catch27!"

Check out the site for yourself. It's definitely entertaining. The verdict is still out as to whether it can be used as a dating tool. The entire article above can be found on the Boston Globe.

Let me know what you think...

Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Looking For Your Type?

From -- "As online dating has become more widespread, so have niche sites specializing by lifestyle and interest. Cruise the Web, and you’ll easily find dating sites for truckers ( and the tall ( You name it, chances are there’s at least one site for it — usually several."

"Many niche sites have been up and running for a few years. But there just wasn’t a market for most niches until online dating as a whole had reached a critical mass of users and acceptability, and that’s only happened within the last few years. According to JupiterResearch, 14 percent of American Internet users browsed personal ads in 2005. In 2006, that figure is expected to increase to 16 percent., Yahoo! Personals and eHarmony are the top three players in the market. Together, they account for more than 50 percent of all online dating traffic, but none of them offers niche dating." To contine reading the article, go to"

I have been a big fan of niche dating sites for over three years now. Some examples of other niche dating sites that have developed almost a cult following are (A site for Big Beautiful Woman and men who admire BBW's), (A site for men and women who want to meet singles who are in the military) and (A site for singles who have a net worth of a million dollars).

In my opinion, as a whole, niche dating sites are going to grow and surpass the memberships of the big three, Match, eHarmony and Yahoo! Personals.

We shall see. Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Saturday, March 04, 2006 Online Dating Meets Social Networking

From Yahoo! Finance -- "Online Singles, LLC ( is pioneering the online dating space by combining popular features of social networking sites (such as Myspace, Friendster, and Facebook) with online dating." is a free online dating site with built-in social networking features. Users can post an in-depth dating profile, upload photos, add tags (a.k.a. keywords), post a blog (online diary), create a network of friends, and participate in forum topics created by other users. Users seeking someone to date can now find each other through new avenues not available before on dating sites, resulting in better quality matches. Blogs and forum posts allow other users to gain insight into a user's personality and opinions, so they can judge if they are a good fit before making contact.

"Think of us as a Myspace, focused on singles," said Jason Tarlowe, CEO of Online Singles, LLC. "Anyone who is unattached should be on We are free, so you have nothing to lose." To read the complete release, go to Yahoo! Finance.

My comments: This is a unique approach. With sites like Myspace and Friendster becoming so popular these days, a site like Matchdoctor may be exactly what the (no pun intended) doctor ordered. And, it's Free. Not just free to join, but free to use. That is very rare these days when it comes to online dating. I recommend giving it a try. You've got nothing to lose but maybe a potential date.

Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Social Networking Sites Are the New Competitive Threat to Online Dating Websites

From Yahoo! Finance -- "Online dating was one of the few paid content success stories of the dotcom boom. Now, social networking sites such as MySpace offer free online dating to millions. Are dedicated online dating sites losing potential subscribers to these sites? What are they doing to keep existing users and find new ones?" The complete article can be read here.

The article poses a good question. However, I believe that sites like and will come and go as their popularity among teenagers and college students goes up and down. Friendster is a great example. Just a few short years ago, it was the biggest thing going. Now, has taken over the free networking site space online. But, neither of these sites is a true dating site.

In my opinion, two types of online dating sites are going to survive in the long run. The first are the mega-sites with huge advertising budgets like and The second are niche sites that cater to specific groups like for BBW singles and their Admirers and, which caters to military singles.

The free sites like may have millions of members, but the true online daters will continue flocking towards paid online dating sites.

Good luck and happy dating to you all!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Must Love Dogs, Buddha, Caves

From the Denver Post -- Here is an article that backs up my belief that the future of online dating is in "Niche Dating" sites. Sites targeting groups like video game players, chess lovers, cheese lovers and any other category you can think of. Here is a quote from the article, "With thousands of potential dates just a few searches away on sites like and Yahoo! Personals, users are bound to find friendship, romance or even a one-night adventure.

But what they aren't finding is exactly what they want, industry analysts say. That yearning to trump quantity with quality has attracted more singles to niche dating sites."

"Many of these sites have been introduced within the past three years, and numbers are hard to track. But niche sites are pushing their way into the industry by specializing in underserved lifestyles, interests and communities."

To read the complete article, go to

Good luck and happy dating to you all!

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